Online Advisor Training Courses

Two online training courses are available for you to take at your convenience. You may download several PDFs from the course, follow several links to additional resources and return to the courses for a refresher as often as you like. The courses complement the Key Club Advisor Guide (below) and are a great refresher or introduction to various resources, ideas and guidance that support the work of Key Club advisors.

How do I access the courses?

Find the courses in the Learning Management System. To get there through Single Sign-on, start in Kiwanis Connect/Member Update Center. On your Me page, click: “Click here to Access Service Leadership Programs advisor, chaperone and Global Leadership Certificate courses.”

Once in, scroll down to see Featured Courses. There, you should see Service Leadership Programs Advisor Training. If you do not see it, look near the top of your screen at the blue ribbon. Click on “Catalog.” Once there, the course should appear.

Click on “View Details,” which opens a new window. Then click the orange “Launch Course” button on the course you want to start.

How many courses are there?

There are currently two courses:

  • Introduction to Service Leadership Programs.
  • Key Club Advisor 101 (Parts A and B).

Who are the courses for?

  • Onboard new advisors.
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of current advisors.
  • Refresh knowledge of seasoned advisors.

Are the courses required?

No, however, we encourage advisors to take the courses to increase or refresh their knowledge.

Do I have to take both courses?

They are designed to be taken sequentially, so the information in Key Club Advisor 101 assumes knowledge gained in Introduction to Service Leadership Programs. However, after taking each course once, you may want to skip between courses or even within a course to seek specific information later.

How often should I take the courses?

After you have taken each course once, you may retake them as often as you like, jump between courses or even skip around within a course to seek specific information later. We encourage you to retake the courses after you have spent some time in the advisor role to refresh and clarify information.

What do the courses cover?

They cover a wide range of topics that a Key Club advisor needs to know to be successful, including guidance for when certain activities or tasks occur during the year. They provide information such as understanding the student-led nature of Key Club and recognizing high-impact service. They also offer a series of resources, including many external links to additional information.

Who do I contact with questions?

Write .