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If you are a Key Club member, advisor or Kiwanis sponsor, this is your best resource for Key Club dues and reporting information. Find answers to your questions about the procedure for updating your club status.  


Every year, Key Clubs report member information in their membership records. This ensures that members can access all of their benefits, such as scholarships, grants and the ability to run for district or international office.  

Login instructions 

Reporting through the Membership Update Center is available for Key Club advisors, presidents, secretaries and treasurers. Log in here. 

Your email address will serve as your login to the Kiwanis Connect site, where the Membership Update Center is housed.   

To set up a password, click the “Set Your Password Here” link in the first paragraph on the screen and follow the steps on the page that loads. 

Frequently asked questions about membership reporting 

What membership information do I need to collect for my Key Club? 

  • Gather information from each member, including email addresses and expected year of graduation. 

How do I update my club’s membership roster? 

  • Log in here.  Select the Membership Update Center icon on the left-hand side. Then select the “Members” tab at the top of the screen. 
  • Advisors, you must update officers’ contact information first. Then the president, secretary and treasurer can log in and update the club membership by adding new members, keeping returning members and removing members who have left. Do not delete returning members — only delete unpaid members or members who are not returning. If you replace the entire roster and upload everyone as a “new” Key Club member, you jeopardize your members’ eligibility for scholarships, awards and more. 

How do I update member contact information? 

  • The advisor, president, secretary and treasurer can log in and select the Membership Update Center icon on the left-hand side. Then select the “Members” tab at the top of the screen. On the page that loads, select the edit button to update contact information. Member contact information is not to be used for any purpose other than Key Club.  

How do I update Key Club advisors and member names? 

  • If the faculty advisor or a member name needs to be updated, please contact Member Services by email before accessing the Membership Update Center. Send the name and location of your club and the name and email address of the advisor.  
  • The secretary of the sponsoring Kiwanis club can also update information about your Kiwanis advisor on the Secretary Dashboard in the Kiwanis online club management system. 


In areas where clubs are in a district, all students who want to be members of Key Club must pay international and district dues. Key Club members pay international and district dues to the club at their school. This can often include a fee for club activities or apparel. 

In nondistricted areas, clubs pay an annual fee for membership for all students in the club. 

Instructions for paying dues 

Key Clubs send a check or pay by credit card for all members’ international and district dues. 

  1. Advisors, you must log in to the Kiwanis Connect site where the Membership Update Center is housed.  
  2. Ensure the current roster is up to date and then select “Complete roster/Print invoice” to generate an invoice.  
  3. Select the Finance tab, then select the invoice and choose your payment/print option. Submit payment online or print the invoice and send along with a check to:

Kiwanis International
P.O. Box 6069, Dept. 112
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Early dues deadline: November 1. For payments received by November 1, your club will earn an early-bird patch. 

Dues deadline: December 1. 

Payment of dues by December 1 helps Key Club International maintain operational efficiency for the next year. After the following February 1, any club that hasn’t paid will be considered suspended.   

New member materials 

When a Key Club updates the roster with new members and pays the invoice, a new member package is automatically ordered and will be shipped to the club. For new members added after the second Monday in December, packages will be shipped out on the following dates: January 15, February 28, April 15 and May 10.  

Frequently asked questions about dues 

How much are my Key Club dues? 

  • Since 2014, Key Club International dues have been US$7 per member.
  • In areas of the world where clubs are in a district, additional district dues* are required. Amounts vary. See the individual district dues chart below.  

*Individual District Dues for 2023-2024 

 Why pay Key Club dues?  

  • Pay dues to avoid suspension and for members to take advantage of all that membership has to offer. Members can attend events, get the Global Leadership Certificate and access opportunities for scholarships, resume-building and recognition. Members also can run for official leadership positions. 
  • Dues pay for various forms of support for clubs, as well as a small portion of administrative funds. Read more in the graphic below.  

International Dues Graphic 

What if my membership materials have not arrived? 

  • Only new members receive materials. If membership materials have not arrived eight to 10 weeks after paying dues, collect the names of the members who are missing materials and contact Member Services with member and club names.
  • For new members added from October 1 to the second Monday of December, new membership materials are shipped from Indiana, U.S., to the club address within about four weeks of Key Club International receiving the dues payment. 

Dues and reporting help 

Kiwanis International office staff are happy to help and encourage you to write or call with questions or concerns. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. ET 

Call: Worldwide — +1-317-875-8755, ext. 411
U.S. and Canada — 1-800-KIWANIS, ext. 411
Write: keyclub.org/contact-us