Virtual Meeting Kits

Key Club Meeting Agenda


Agenda & Resources

1. Welcome

a. Introductions.

i. Ice breaker— Check out these ideas.

ii. Introduce officers if applicable.

2. Old Business

a. Officer elections (if needed).

i. Watch Key Club election video to see what a typical election process looks like in a normal year.

ii. Instructions on how to conduct an election.

b. Review 2019-20 year — What projects should be continued? Where did we leave things?

3. New Business

a. Video

i. Watch Key Club “Shoes” video. (If you are holding a virtual meeting, share your screen so members can watch together. Also remember to click “share audio.”)

ii. Discuss the video:

• What ideas have come from this video?

• What do we see as our challenges for this club and school?

• Why do we exist as a club? What purpose do we serve — especially in this unusual year?

• How does being part of a big service family feel?

b. Community Assessment

i. What community needs can we address as a Key Club this year?

• Brainstorm

ii. Community Assessment Activities:

Community Assessment worksheet.

SWOT Analysis example.

SWOT Analysis worksheet.

c. Recruiting New Members

i. Challenge club members to invite at least one potential member.

ii. Discussion:

• How can new members help us with service this year?

• How can we locate good potential members?

Recruitment flyer (ask everyone to download).

4. Closing Meeting and Home Projects

a. Thank everyone for participating in Key Club this year.

b. Announce next meeting time and date.

c. Optional home projects:

i. Home Project worksheet.