Are you looking at the volunteering hours you need to graduate and wondering how to get community service hours? Don’t worry! It’s easy to find fun, satisfying and impactful places to volunteer. Here are some of the best places to look for fun community service ideas

Where Can I Do Community Service

Key Club 

One of the best ways to get community service hours is to join Key Club. Key Clubs work in partnership with local Kiwanis clubs to help high school students make a positive impact in their schools and communities. Key Club members are provided with many volunteer opportunities and can form lasting friendships along the way! 

Local Nonprofits and Community Organizations 

If there are specific nonprofits and community organizations in your area that you are passionate about, reach out to them! They might show you how to get volunteer hours through their work, through either pre-arranged programs or individual agreements. Here are some ideas for local nonprofits and organizations that might be interesting for you: 

  • Nursing homes or assisted living homes.
  • Animal shelters.
  • Food banks or soup kitchens.
  • Places of worship.
  • Libraries.
  • Museums.
  • Zoos.
  • Parks, beaches or nature preserves.

Virtual Volunteering and Online Opportunities 

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, virtual opportunities have expanded to many realms. We can attend school virtually, tour places virtually and even volunteer virtually! When you’re considering where to do community service, remember that you can do it from your own home! You can also use online resources like VolunteerMatch to help you find more volunteer opportunities.  

Ready to get those community service hours? Join Key Club and get your hours in a structured way. You’ll be part of a group of incredible people making a difference for children around the world!