Thursday, April 22, is Earth Day, when events are typically held worldwide to support environmental protection and preservation. While events may not take place in your community, you can still find ways to get involved. 

1. If events are planned for your community, participate if local health regulations allow. With many communities practicing social distancing, check for ways to take part virtually. 

2. Plant a tree. You can do this by yourself. Planting trees helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cleans pollution, secures soil to prevent erosion and provides homes for biodiversity. 

3. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Jumpstart a good practice. Go out of your way to produce as little trash as possible. Consider how much refuse you create and figure out how you can reduce the amount. 

4. Prepare a donation box for items you don’t want or need anymore. Instead of throwing away old clothes, lamps and board games, donate them to Goodwill, a shelter or similar places. 

5. Clean up trash. Whether it’s at your school, your neighborhood or a park, you can pick up litter anytime. Make sure you have gloves and wash your hands when you’re done! 

6. Reduce your carbon footprint. Limit how many lights you have on in the house, especially if you aren’t using them. Don’t let the water run when you brush your teeth. Think about how much energy you use and find new ways to do everyday tasks. 

Find resources at including a restore our earth toolkit. Explore 5 days of activities on ecosystem services, the carbon cycle, food sustainability, ecosystem restoration and civic engagement. Use these activities to engage throughout Earth Week, or anytime throughout the year!