Do you love chemistry? Do you have the hots for calculus? Is English your strong suit? If you’re eager to use what you’ve learned inside the classroom to benefit others, is the perfect place.  

To become a tutor, you must first become certified. There are a couple of ways to do it, depending on the subject: 

Math subjects 

You will be asked to record yourself explaining your reasoning as you complete an assessment on Khan Academy. Afterward, you will peer-review videos from students trying to get certified in the same topic. If you’re approved, you’ll receive training to become an official Schoolhouse tutor. 

AP Subjects/SAT 

To receive certification to tutor AP subjects or the SAT, you can apply for an honorary certification. You’ll be asked to state relevant experience and AP/SAT scores, which will be reviewed by a team of volunteers. If you have strong AP/SAT scores in your favored subject, this might be the way to go! 

One of the biggest benefits of tutoring or being tutored through is international inclusion — one of Key Club’s core values. For example, Schoolhouse offers review sessions for Indian students through the Indian curriculum.  

In addition, Schoolhouse is constantly growing. If you’re interested in teaching a niche subject that’s currently not being taught, check out the experimental curriculum, where tutors can teach subjects from social sciences to fashion history. To connect students all over the world, the experimental sessions even have events such as emotional wellbeing/support and a talent show.  

Whether you are interested in receiving tutoring or being a tutor yourself, has a place for you — and they make it easy!