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District student leaders

The challenge. Like all other parts of our society, Key Club International was hit hard by COVID-19. Simply put, we have lost about 10% of our Key Clubs — and more than 40% of our members. As the world’s largest student-led service and leadership organization, we’re confronting this challenge by taking the opportunity to launch our Homecoming campaign.  

What is Homecoming? Consisting of multiple tactics, the campaign will be the largest recruitment push we have ever attempted. This approach includes outreach to all key groups: 

  • Kiwanis clubs that sponsor Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs. 
  • School administrators. 
  • Faculty advisors. 
  • Students. 
  • Parents.

Tactics and timing 


  • Communication/outreach. 
  • Continued creation of plans and materials. 
  • Creation of website content.  


  • Publication of news item in Kiwanis magazine. 
  • Distribution of targeted emails, snail mail, etc., from Kiwanis International. 
  • Start of Kiwanis International training for district administrators, student leaders, advisors. 


  • Outbound calls from Kiwanis International staff.
  • Videos and recruitment materials released for district use.
  • Homecoming Week (September 13-17, 2021). 


  • Kiwanis International new year messaging. 
  • Updates and other communications. 
  • Targeted outreach and support from the Kiwanis Youth Programs growth team. 


  • Review and recalibration of plans and communications for the remainder of Kiwanis year. 

We need you now! Key Club governors and district board members play a crucial role. We need you to amplify and localize adult supporters’ efforts (listed above). A complete list of each district’s Key Clubs that are inactive specifically because of the pandemic have been distributed and are available online.

Our goal: to bring back all the inactive clubs due to the pandemic and inactive clubs, including those that went inactive due to the pandemic, and strengthen them with increased membership.

Each Key Club district board will be:  

  • Asked to formulate a contact plan for every inactive club in each division of their district. This contact will also inform these clubs about all the activities and support that is available in each district.   
  • Introduced to the program’s resources, all of which are online (and many of which are new), and the recruitment resources for clubs.  
  • Encouraged to include Homecoming information in each district and division newsletter.  Promotional resources and social media information will be available. Check for them at keyclub.org/homecoming.     

For more information, contact .  Download a PDF version of this page here.