Paying international club dues

The connection to Kiwanis International is a key part of each Key Club’s ongoing support and success. Maintaining that connection is important. In Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, and Latin America, we’re strengthening that connection with a new requirement: each club must update the club’s membership rosters and submit an annual renewal fee each year (USD$50 for Tier A, USD$25 for Tiers B or C) to remain an active club. With the Kiwanis online reporting system, this process is very simple; just follow these steps:

  1. Round up information. For each member, get full name, email address and expected year of graduation.
  2. Log in. The Kiwanis or faculty advisor can log into Kiwanis One and enter the Membership Update Center.
  3. Update membership. In the Members section, enter each member’s name, email address and expected year of graduation. When finished, select “Roster complete.”
  4. Identify club officers. In the Dashboard, indicate which members are serving in each of the officer positions. 
  5. Submit payment. In the Finances section, check the renewal fee box and then select, pay online by credit card. 

A program kit, which includes Key Club membership pins, cards, certificates, and advisor guides can be purchased for an additional fee of US$100. These materials are only available in English at this time.

Kiwanis and faculty advisors

Each Key Club is supported by one advisor from each the Kiwanis club and the school. To update the Kiwanis or faculty advisor, please contact Member Services before accessing the Kiwanis online reporting system.

If you have any questions, contact the member services team.