Name: Clara Berry

Pronouns: She/her 

District: Michigan  

Hometown: Saint Joseph, Michigan, U.S. 

Key Club name: Saint Joseph Key Club  

Year in school: Senior 

Clubs or activities outside of Key Club: 

  • National Honor Society  
  • Varsity golf captain  
  • Varsity soccer 
  • Concert choir  
  • Symphony orchestra 
  • Cellist  
  • I love performing in plays and musicals.  
  • I am a huge Detroit Red Wings fan! 

I am always on the go! But when I’m not engrossed in my busy schedule, I love boating with friends on the inland lake I live on, watching hockey with my family and eating really good sushi.  

Why did you join Key Club? 

I’ve been involved in the Kiwanis family since I was a little girl. My mom is my home club advisor, so I grew up attending Kiwanis pancake breakfasts, road cleanups, blanket brigades and many other service activities. Service has always been a part of me. I even served as my Builders Club president. But when I officially joined Key Club in high school, I had no intention of running for district or even international office. I was a really shy freshman — that’s something you would never guess meeting me now. 

The reason I ran for my first position on the Michigan District board — lieutenant governor — was because of my experience at my first Service Leadership Conference. SLC was virtual in 2021 due to COVID-19, but I could feel the passion of the caucusing speeches even through a screen. I was inspired by the workshops, and I felt like I had a bigger purpose serving as a delegate for my club. I’d never experienced anything that cool before. 

The next year, I ran for lieutenant governor. I loved that experience so much that I then ran for governor, and I loved that even more. Leading on the international level is not something I would have ever envisioned myself doing. I mean, just a few weeks ago I was on the SLC stage delivering my farewell speech to Michigan. But I am overwhelmingly grateful for this opportunity to finish out my time as a Key Club member serving at the international level with so many of the friends I have made on the international council this year. I love this organization with all my heart, and it is my honor to serve as the Key Club International vice president.  

Why did you decide to run for the international board?  

My legacy as a leader in Key Club is important to me. Key Club made me who I am. It’s where I honed my passion for public speaking. It’s where I made my best friends. It’s where I found my confidence. Honestly, I owe every part of who I am to this organization, so I’m constantly thinking of ways I can give back to it. I’m here to finish the term of Key Club International vice president for many reasons: membership growth, fostering a supportive environment for our international council and helping to train our incoming governors. But the most important reason is that I want to serve as a positive role model for any member seeking to amplify their servant leadership. 

I remember when I first started this journey during a world of virtual meetings. I joined every Key Club-, district- or international-related call that I could because I wanted to learn more. It was in those spaces that I fell in love with Key Club. 

I always work to have the most convivial, happy and passionate version of myself shine in Key Club. Because who knows? The next Key Club International vice president could be a brand-new member sitting in my office hours.  

What are you most looking forward to this year?  

Growing membership! In the Michigan District, the board and I increased our total membership by over 54% from the previous term. I personally emailed over 40 faculty advisors in my district to make this happen and helped guide them through the process of turning in dues. One of my goals is helping incoming governors turn in their district’s 2023-24 dues. 

I know that we only have four months left in this service year, but at the height of my Michigan membership growth efforts I was able to get 1,000 members to pay dues in just one week. I’m so excited to begin working with the 2024-25 class of governors and help them set goals for the coming service year.  

Favorite food or snack: 

I’m obsessed with SunChips! I’m very passionate about this. One of the first things I ever told my lovely Michigan district administrator, Jordan, was that I loved garden salsa and harvest cheddar SunChips. She made sure we had them at every board meeting so that in all the chaos of running a meeting, I still had my favorite snack.