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Key Club Meeting Kit

Anti-bullying, Culture of Care

1. Welcome 

a. Introductions. 

i. Introduce officers.  

ii. Introduce advisor. 

iii. Introduce guests. 

b. Icebreakers — Check out these ideas to kick off the meeting.

2. Old business 

a. Report on any service projects completed after last meeting. 

b. Review current projects.

i. Determine what has been planned to date. 

ii. Discuss remaining plans to be made.  

iii. Assign members to each task and prepare timetables. 

3. New business 

a. Every year, thousands of young people are bullied face-to-face at school, after school and online through social media, texts and gaming chats. In one recent study of 32 countries, four in 10 teens reported being involved in a bullying incident. Our goal is to help Key Club members respond to bullying and be a positive force in their schools to stop bullying and support victims. 

b. Cyberbullyingoccurs when one person or a group of people use electronic means via computers or mobile phones to torment, threaten, harass, humiliate, embarrass or target another person. 

c. View the video: The Accidental Bully.”     

i. What kinds of cyberbullying, harassing or cruel online treatment incidents as depicted in the video have you seen in our school? 

ii. If you feel comfortable sharing, have you or one of your friends ever been the victim of cyberbullying?   

iii. What can we do to stop it in our school and community? 

d. View this Culture of Care Conversation featuring two past Key Club International leaders, Caroline Bushnell and Glory Kalu, and special guest Burton Patterson. Patterson is founder of Step Up with Kindness, an anti-bullying program for schools, and current director of prevention and education for the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking.  

4. Home Projects 

a. Research Culture of Care and begin courses to help your school. You can watch all four courses, including the final course that will help you learn how to facilitate Culture of Care trainings in your club. Access the facilitator guide here.  

b. Review anti-bullying resources and bring ideas to next meeting about a campaign for your school.  

5. Adjournment 

a. Thank everyone for their participation, especially the guests.

b. Give details about the next meeting.

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