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Key Club Meeting Kit

Review of Service and Planning

Review this checklist before your club meeting:

  • If your club’s new officers have been elected, make sure they have reviewed the officer guides and officer toolkit.
  • One officer should gather the materials your club created from the Community Needs meeting kit. If you did not complete the Community Needs kit, consider reviewing it with your members before this meeting. This kit’s resources will be reviewed during the meeting.
  • One officer should prepare a chart that shows all club projects from the last year. Identify whether each project was new or recurring and whether it was service or fundraising. You will review this project chart during the meeting.
  • One officer should review this list of service project ideas. Your club can use it as a source for the next school year.

1. Welcome

a. Introductions.

i. Introduce officers.

ii.  Introduce advisor.

iii.  Introduce guests.

b. Icebreakers — Check out these ideas to kick off the meeting.

2. Old business

a. List all outstanding club projects from the last few months. What has been completed? What is still outstanding on any projects?

b. Review the assignments for those remaining projects. Make sure everyone, including guests, is involved.

c. Review projects the club completed this year and record the club’s impact. For example, review the number of people served, number of members involved, hours of service given and total funds/items raised/gathered by the club.

3. New business — If the club is large, consider having a committee complete these steps first and then report to the full club.

a. Center the meeting focus on club service projects by viewing one or two videos from this list.

b. Review the Community Needs meeting kit resources completed as a club or visit the Community Needs meeting kit and complete the exercise to identify service needs and opportunities in the community. Answer these questions as a group:

i. How well did our club do with meeting those needs?

ii. Do the needs still seem valid for next year’s plan?

iii. If your club did not explore this kit, revisit the kit’s resources to identify where and how your club can best serve your school and community. These resources can help your club plan projects in the next school year.

c. Next, ask the officer who prepared the chart of this year’s projects to review the results with the club. Answer these questions as a group:

i. How did each project go? Did it accomplish its goals?

ii. Which projects involved more club members?

iii. What would we do to improve if we do a particular project again next school year?

iv. What made the projects successful?

v. After reviewing this year’s projects, discuss what new projects the club should include for next year.

d. Have the secretary gather input from the meeting and work with other club members to create a program proposal to be presented at the next meeting. Open this project to volunteers who would like to help chart the club’s course for the next school year.

4. Home project

a. Refer to the open projects discussion from earlier in the meeting and review assignments.

b. Check with new officers to see how their training meetings are going.

c. Save time for the program planning committee to schedule its next meeting.

5. Adjournment

a. Thank everyone for participating, especially guests.

b. Announce the next club meeting time and place.

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Download a PDF of this kit.