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Key Club Meeting Kit

School Kindness Campaign

Before this meeting, assemble a planning team with club officers and three to five club members. As a team, review this kit and the attached resources prior to the meeting. After reviewing, gather the team’s ideas to share at the next club meeting. In addition, identify as a team other school groups that might participate in this campaign. It could be conducted virtually or in person depending upon the school’s status and regulations.

1. Welcome

a. Introductions.

i. Introduce officers.

ii.  Introduce advisor.

iii.  Introduce guests.

b. Icebreakers — Check out these ideas to kick off the meeting.

2. Old business

a. List all outstanding club projects from the last few months. What has been completed? What is still outstanding?

b. Review the assignments for those remaining projects. Make sure everyone, including guests, is involved.

3. New business

a. As a group, watch the video, “What is Kindness?” Compile a list defining kindness and why it is important. Ask the club these questions related to kindness in the school:

i. Is more kindness needed in our school?

ii. Are there other school groups that could work with our club on a kindness campaign?

iii. After our club discusses these questions, have the planning team share the list of possible campaign partners.

b. Next, watch the video, “Give a bit: How kindness conquers during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Brainstorm a list of activities that could be part of the campaign.

c. Check out kindness campaign resources to see how others around the world are spreading kindness and acts of kindness the club can do.

d. Answer these questions. Research information if necessary:

i. Will our kindness campaign be a virtual or in-person effort? What are our school’s guidelines and regulations?

ii. Will it be a single day, several days or a week?

iii. How will we show kindness to everyone in the school community —students, teachers, administrators, counselors, custodians, cafeteria workers, health workers and parents?

iv. How will our club and club partners work together to create an impactful kindness campaign?

e. Have the planning team consider all input and prepare a complete plan for a kindness campaign meeting with club partners. The club advisor can help with any approvals needed from school administration.

4. Home project

a. Refer to the open projects review from earlier in the meeting and review assignments.

b. Check in with new officers to see how their training meetings are going.

c. Save time for the kindness campaign planning committee to schedule their meeting.

5. Adjournment 

a. Thank everyone for participating, especially guests.  

b. Give details about next meeting.

Usage survey — We want your feedback! After using this kit, please tell us what you liked about the kit and suggest any topics you’d like to see for future kits.  

Download a PDF of this kit.