Over the past school year, you’ve probably accomplished some incredible things with your Key Club. There might even have been some MVPs in your club who have really stepped up their service game. Celebrate all of these accomplishments and more at an end-of-the-year banquet for your club. We have 10 tips to help you get started.

1. Money talks. Ask your advisor to see if there is money in your club’s budget for a banquet. Figure out which areas of the event would be most important. Will you have to sell tickets to raise money for the banquet? Consider the venue, food and gifts as potential costs.

2. Pick the date. At the end of the school year, schedules can be pretty crazy. Try to pick a date that works for most members in your club, especially the seniors, since this will be their last rodeo. Consider a weeknight instead of a weekend or during lunch rather than dinner.

3. Location, location, location. The banquet location could be as simple as your regular meeting spot, a pizza place or even an actual banquet hall if you have a lot of members. Keep in mind that some locations will have a fee or require a minimum food/beverage order.

4. Food. If you’re having your banquet around lunch or dinner, it is important that you provide your members and guests with food. Even if it’s not during a meal hour, it’s still a good idea to provide some snacks, like cookies or tiny sandwiches.

5. Guest list. In addition to all your members, talk with your club about inviting your Kiwanis club members, your school principal and the families of members.

6. Decorations. Get creative. Decorations depend on your location too. Consider making placemats for everyone or covering everything with key confetti. A simple search on Etsy will give you a bunch of ideas!

7. Programs. Having a small printed program isn’t a requirement for a successful banquet, but it is an inexpensive addition that’s nice to have. People love seeing their names (right, Morgan?) and a program would be a great keepsake for anyone finishing their Key Club experience.

8. Members. It’s a great idea to have a gift for each of your members to thank them for a great year. One idea is to give everyone a Starburst pack for being a star throughout the year. Party favors such as Key Club lip balm are never a bad idea either!

9. Seniors. Did you know we have graduation sashes, cords and medallions in the Key Club store? Consider recognizing all of your outstanding seniors with a Key Club memento to add to their graduation gown as they walk across the stage.

10. MVPs. Don’t forget to recognize the members who have gone above and beyond throughout the year. Who raised the most money? Who led a new project? Do something special to recognize their achievements. This is a good time to spotlight your officers and advisors as well.