The sad truth is that August will be here before we know it, and we’ll be getting ready for a new school year to start. Make the most of your summer by writing down a list of things you want to do. Here are a few ideas to help you start your summer bucket list.

1. See a drive-in movie. Drive-in movie theaters are slowly disappearing from our towns, so now’s the time to enjoy them. Don’t have one near you? Hang a large white sheet in your backyard and display your favorite movie via a projector.

2. Go to a theme park. Whether you get your thrill on at an adventure park with roller coasters and giant water slides or you keep it chill with a round of miniature golf with your friends, seek out some excitement this summer.

3. Try a new drink at Starbucks. Did you know that if you order one of Starbucks’ Strawberry & Creme Frappuccinos and add toffee nut syrup, it tastes just like Captain Crunch cereal? Search online for lists of secret Starbucks drinks that aren’t on the menu and start crossing items off the list.

4. Fly a kite with friends. Is there an open field of grass near your house? Start a kite-flying society with your friends. You’ll finally have a good excuse to buy a cool or extravagant kite.

5. Build a sandcastle. You might not live on or near a beach, but there’s a good chance you can find some sand somewhere. Make a castle or sculpt something out of the ordinary. (Life-size Yoda, anyone?)

6. Jam at a concert. A summer without concerts almost doesn’t even count as a real summer. Save up your money and support your favorite bands if they’re touring near you. Or check out the music festival scene in your town.

7. Visit the state fair. Another staple of summer is the state fair. If it’s too far away from where you live, county fairs can be just as much fun (and possibly a little less crowded).

8. Go camping. Even if it’s just camping in your backyard, there’s no better way to enjoy the warm weather and calmness of summer than lying outside under the stars. Live in the city? See if you can plan a weekend getaway with your family.

9. Grow something fresh. Whether you live in the country or in a high-rise city apartment, you can grow something, such as fresh herbs or small flowers.

10. Watch a baseball game. For some people, baseball is a tradition. Enjoy sitting in the sunshine with your friends or family, even if it might mean paying too much for a hot dog and small soda.

11. Start a water balloon fight. Even though the prep time it takes significantly exceeds the time of the actual fight, it’s usually worth it. Not into throwing water balloons? Invite some friends to a day at the pool.