Congratulations and welcome back to the 164 Key Clubs that have reactivated as part of our Homecoming initiative. Clubs have reactivated in 21 districts. The Florida District led the pack with 16 club reactivations; the Capital, Ohio and Texas-Oklahoma districts tied for second place. Other districts with reactivated clubs include Alabama, Bahamas, California-Nevada-Hawaii, Carolinas, Georgia, Illinois-Eastern Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky-Tennessee, Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee, Michigan, Missouri-Arkansas, New England and Bermuda, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Southwest, West Virginia and Wisconsin-Upper Michigan.  

Homecoming is a yearlong event, and there is still more work to do. Adult Key Club and Kiwanis leaders will find the Key Club programs and promotion resource kits particularly helpful. Check out the recorded webinars featuring reactivation stories from district and club leaders.