On the Key Club website, you will come across a variety of graphics. Here are some ideas for using them.

By Disha Patel, member of the Key Club International Website Task Force

Graphics are more than just pictures — they can have many uses. With so many graphics available on the website, you might be wondering how to use them. Here are three ideas:

  1. Promote club membership during Key Club Week. Key Club Week is designated to show your school and community what Key Club is all about! You can find Key Club Week graphics under the “resources” and “marketing” tabs. Social media is used all around the world today to influence people to share in great experiences. Take part by promoting Key Club using the Key Club Week graphics.
  2. Send personal invitations to join Key Club. People should feel welcomed and loved in what they do in life. Help others at your school achieve this goal by inviting them to join Key Club. You can find recruitment flyers on the Key Club website in the Club Level under the “resources” and “marketing” tabs. Choose from many flyer options to send to students!
  3. Give logos a double use as profile pictures or stickers. In the “resources for marketing” tab under “logos and design,” you will find the Key Club seal and wordmark in white, blue and black. You can use these logos to create circle stickers to place around your school and other common areas. Word of mouth and visuals are key to grabbing a person’s attention — and these stickers will create the spark that leads others to ask about Key Club. You can even give the stickers you create to students within your school to spread the word. You can also utilize logos as a profile picture for your social media accounts to show other users that your account represents Key Club.

All of these are just ideas! There is so much more you can do with the graphics provided on the website. Don’t limit yourself to what the graphic says it is for — be creative. Think of ways to showcase Key Club that would convince you to join!