By KCI Trustee Kavya Sriram

It’s back to school! Time for that dreaded (or exciting) 6:30 a.m. wake up call. But no matter how you feel starting another year of high school, service can always make it better!  

As you start to meet with your officers and advisors to plan upcoming service projects, remember your club goals: Promote service (especially to new members), ensure everyone has a blast, and give back to your surrounding communities. Here are some of my favorite back to school service projects: 

Ice cream social: 

Whether you live in sunny California or the mountains of North Carolina, ice cream is bound to put a smile on every Key Club member’s face. To add service to your sweet treat, hold a book or school supplies drive for a local library or organization. 

Making dog toys or blankets: 

Invite members to make dog toys out of T-shirts or fabric and fleece blankets. Try to work with members and local organizations to collect supplies as donations. 

Garden cleanup and beautification: 

One of my personal favorites at my home club, the school garden service event involves weeding and raking, planting new flowers, and brightening up your school campus. Reward members for their hard work with a box of donuts! 

Here are some key tips to ensure they’re a success: 

Plan: Delegate responsibilities and plan ahead. Pro Tip: organize club committees to ensure everything is accounted for.  

Promote: Post flyers and use social media to get members excited about your school kickoff event. 

One female student, wearing a gray hoodie, is helping an elderly woman, wearing a pink shirt, to decorate a hat during the Springtime. It is outdoors and they are sitting at a table.

Publish: Share photos of your event online and to other clubs to inspire other acts of service. 

Remember, each school is different, so ask members what they’d like to see in the future for back to school!