Who doesn’t want money for college? The tricky part can be finding it. Don’t despair: A scholarship might be sitting under your very own nose.

Ask your Guidance Counselor

Guidance counselors are a major resource, but students sometimes forget about them. Colleges and organizations send materials for them to give to students, so just ask! They can also give you other places to look as well!

Check your future college’s website

Have you been accepted to a university or strongly pursuing a college? Find out what scholarship opportunities they have for incoming students and prospects!


You know that website you are required to visit when you sign up for the SAT/ACT exams? Surprise! It has college scholarship help too! The scholarship resource section can direct you to over 2,000 potential scholarships!

Ask your parents

Are your parents affiliated with an organization? Do they work for a company that offers a scholarship? Sometimes organizations and businesses offer scholarships specifically for children of employees or affiliates.

Major companies

McDonald’s, Ford Motor Company and Coca-Cola are just a few of the major businesses that offer scholarships to students!

Key Club & Kiwanis

That’s right! There are scholarships just for Key Clubbers. The Kiwanis Children’s Fund offers scholarships, as do a variety of our partners! The Key Club website features several scholarship opportunities throughout the year for students to take advantage of.

Scholarships are time sensitive so do not wait or you just might miss your chance!