It’s not uncommon for a club to get into a funk. Morale becomes low and attendance dwindles. Don’t worry – you can turn things around! Use these tips to get your members excited about Key Club all over again.

  • Positive Post-its. Focus on “club” accomplishments instead of “individual” callouts. Encouraging the club as a team unifies your members and promotes togetherness. Ask your members to place their positive posts on a designated board and set aside time for someone to read all the notes aloud.

  • Utilize and encourage positive social media posts. Instead of reflecting on (and venting about) negative experiences, encourage the importance of positive or uplifting social media messages. After a productive meeting or successful service event, share your happiness online. This also lets non-members see how awesome the club is and inspires them to join.

  • Club bonding opportunities. Take time to bond with each other. Knowing and understanding your fellow members builds a stronger club. Tie-dye socks to wear at your next service event or create friendship bracelets as reminders of the incredible bond you share. Pinterest is a great resource for other fun ideas.