Every year, Kiwanis family members around the world gather on the fourth Saturday in October for Kiwanis One Day. Plan your next project with another club for a greater impact and more fun!

7 ways to celebrate Kiwanis Family One Day

  1. Connect! Host a picnic/potluck for all the branches of the K-Family.
  2. Serve! Partner with the branches for a service project.
  3. Develop! Run and participate in workshops together to build character.
  4. Advocate! Gather to discuss new service and social awareness initiatives.
  5. Plan! Meet with the branches to plan how you will continue to foster your K-Family relationships.
  6. Collaborate! Call on other service organizations (Lions Club, Optimist, Rotary, etc.) to work on projects
  7. Network! Invite local non-profits to establish connections and brainstorm ideas

5 ways to work with CKI clubs

  1. Tackle similar service niches in the community by coordinating through Kiwanis.
  2. If you have a local Circle K, have college officers meetup and discuss with Key Club officers at a local cafe or restaurant.
  3. Travel to Circle K campuses and help with Circle K projects for a day.
  4. Invite Circle K officers to come speak at Key Club meetings, to promote K-Family retention.
  5. Bring awareness to Circle K members’ experiences through “Day in the Life” videos on social media or other similar options.

4 ways to connect with Aktion Clubs

  1. Involve Aktion Club members to service projects! Whether the club is involved in a small project at a community site or is working with a Kiwanis club, Key Club or CKI club on a larger project, Aktion Clubs can make their presence known.
  2. Buy some Aktion Club Merch! Aktion Club merchandise can be purchased from the Kiwanis Family Store.
  3. Promote Aktion Club! Use social media, flyers, brochures, or talk at Kiwanis meetings. The more awareness of this awesome organization, the better! And, the more opportunities for chartering a new Aktion Club possibly right near you.
  4. Take time out for fun! Our Kiwanis Family always spares some time for relaxation. Invite Aktion Club members to your next social event. Aktion Club members love to visit zoos, museums, sporting events, among many other activities. They play as hard as they work!

3 ways to work with Builders Clubs and K-Kids

  1. Host a social interclub with your home Key Club and Builders Club. Have fun games planned, like a competitive Olympics between Key Club and Builders Club to get members to interact!
  2. Host a low-scale service event like making dog toys, creating posters for seniors, or making cards for children in hospitals
  3. Spread awareness about the Kiwanis Family in your local community by working together to make educational flyers and spreading them throughout the community!