These are uncertain times. While at home, consider finding new ways to serve and stay connected with your community.

Planning your project

·      Learn to make any of the Do ItYourself (DIY) projects mentioned below at or

·      Before beginning a project, contact the organization or facility to confirm donation policy.

·      Connect with Kiwanis club members virtually to organize a large-scale project. Use Zoom or another online meeting tool to coordinate meetings. Invite your family members living else where to take part and introduce them to Kiwanis service.

·      Share your virtual service project ideas on social media to encourage others to take action.

Care for the environment

Recycle and repurpose to limit the amount of trash impacting the environment.

·      Recycle old books

·      Create recycling bins using one of these 20 recycling bin ideas

·      Repurpose plastic bags and containers. Here are 15 stunning plastic bag crochet projects

·      Upcycle plastic bottles and containers

·      Use these ten tips to plant an indoor herb garden

Care for others


Let your neighbors know they are not alone. Brighten spirits by sending positive messages in creative ways.

·      Paint rocks with uplifting messages and place them close to the road where people walking by your home will see them.

·      Plant brightly colored flowers where neighbors walk the most frequently. When they bloom add a sign that says, “Pick what you need.” Do the same with vegetables and herbs.

·      Make fairy doors and place them on the base of large trees facing the street. Add additional fairy garden accents daily. Planning this little community is half the fun.

·      Download the app NextDoor and create an online neighborhood connecting space.

COVID-19 frontline workers

Say thank you to those working on the front lines.

·      Create a thank you banner and place it the yard to greet those delivering packages.

·      Create a Facebook live ‘thank you’ video and share the wonderful service someone provided. Link it to their business social media page.

·      Use chalk to draw colorful, encouraging messages on the sidewalk or on the driveway.

·      Tip robustly when scheduling a delivery to your home.

The elderly

Brighten the day of someone living in a retirement community or nursing home. Make one of these DIY projects.

·      Placemats with uplifting messaging

·      No-slip socks

·      Memory card games

·      Make a songbook with lyrics (songs from the 1940s, 50s and 60s)

·       Consider these craft ideas for seniors and the elderly

The homeless

Repurpose gently used items and create gifts to make times pent at a shelter more comfortable.

·      Create a My Favorite Things backpack. Collect items in gently used condition with things you love for someone who is close to your age. Place all these items in a backpack. Make sure everything is washed and folded nicely.

·      Make a craft box and pack it with everything needed, plus instructions to make different crafts.

·      Download and print Happy Book materials and put together several books to donate.

Young children

Provide preschools and child daycare centers with learning tools. Donate these DIY projects and make learning fun.

·      Make a matching game.

·      Write and illustrate a comic book or ABC book.

·      Create ABC or counting numbers placemats covered in plastic so kids can practice printing.

·       Make sensory toys – blocks with textured sides or rattles with interesting sounds.

·       Read books online and share through social media. Check out book titles suggested through Kiwanis Read & Lead.

Care for animals

Help shelter animals feel more comfortable. Make and donate these items to a shelter.

·      Dog and cat beds

·      No sew dog and cat blankets

·      No sew dog chews

Care for family

Time spent with family can be even more meaningful by participating in fun activities together.

·      Plan movie nights. Let each family member pick one movie per night. Invite friends in the community to stream the same movie, then host a Facebook live discussion with everyone who watched.

·      Work on a service project together. Use the list above for inspiration.

·      Create a calm/yoga room where family members can sit, be still, listen to music, and meditate. Here are 10 Meditation spaces that will inspire you to create your own.

·      Take a free mindfulness course with your siblings.

·      Try one of these 50 family activities that don’t involve screens each night of the week.

Care for self

Learn how to keep stress at a minimum and make time at home more enjoyable. Check out these resources.

·      Move every day to maintain a positive outlook. Try moving with a Physical Education teacher offering online classes at The BodyCoach TV.

·      Organize an online book club. Read a book and connect online for discussion. Try Project Happiness Circles with book recommendations and discussion questions.

·      Rewire your brain for happiness. Participate in the 21 Day Happiness Challenge.

·      Practice these tips for staying mentally healthy

·      Sign-up for Yale’s popular Happiness class currently available online for free.