For many of us, our backpack is a snapshot of who we areAfter all, wcarry our lives in it. With such limited space, it’s important to use it wisely. Here are our recommendations for a wellpacked bag. 

  1. Agenda. Stay organized. An agenda allows you to account for everything in your crazy life. Write it down and cross it off.  The best part? You’ve got so many options. Go for a sleek and crisp black or a personalized gold polka-dot version. The possibilities are endless – just like your “to-do” list.  
  2. Water bottle. Stay hydrated and healthy during the long day.  
  3. Pencil bag. This little bag is a backpack must-have. Fill it with a highlighter or two. Toss in an extra ponytail holder or some bobby pins. Don’t forget your favorite pen set. This keeps all of your necessities in one area – no more digging in the bottom of your bag. 
  4. Snacks. Snacks are key. They give you momentum to get through the day. Pack an apple or energy bar for that extra boost.  
  5. Notebook. Always keep a notebook handy. Sometimes ideas just come to you, and you need somewhere to collect them.  

Honorable mentions: 

  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Mini Tide To Go pen 
  • Extra phone charger 
  • Lip balm 

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