Tips from International Trustee Emily Leonard 

The importance of routines and school-life balance 

As we re-familiarize ourselves with long daily schedules, activities and spending time with friends and family, things can quickly become overwhelming. Maintaining a realistic daily routine and school-life balance is crucial for all in preserving a happy mindset and positive outlook. 

The creation of a productive and enjoyable daily routine is easily achievable with adequate planning. Evaluating your personal goals, as well as fundamental needs, is a great place to start. For example, getting enough sleep, working out and eating foods that fuel your body lie under the fundamental habits category. Nonetheless, it is important to fill your day with activities you are passionate about, as well as mental breaks. 

Research shows the benefits associated with having a routine. A school-life balance not only helps reduce stress but allows you to be your most productive self. Routines are a huge component in this process as they allow individuals to appropriately delegate their time and make the most of it. 

Here is how I work to achieve routines in my daily life. One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of a new life chapter is purchase a planner. You can get creative with this process, and I encourage you to do so. Using a planner helps individuals organize their thoughts and create a routine that helps them achieve success. I write down every task daily in my planner, which helps me organize my thoughts and outline how to fit all fundamental and fun agenda items into my day! 

I love to do a variety of things in my free time. However, it’s important that I have time that I can refer to as free, so I can experiment and have fun doing so with all sorts of passion areas! 

Alongside my fundamental needs such as working out, excelling academically, eating healthy, and sleeping enough (the last one is a challenge at times!), I work in time to leisurely read, dance around my room, randomly re-organize my bookshelf and watch my favorite Netflix shows. Both categories of needs are equally important and crucial to maintaining my continuous positive mindset, as well as my success in all realms of life. You hold the reins of your successful, productive and happy lifestyle! Now run with them.