By Hannah Povroznik, Key Club International trustee

Passion. By definition, its  meaning is simple: a powerful and compelling emotion. Yet I  would imagine that if you asked anyone how they found their passion, their answer would be  complex — a journey of challenges, successes, failures and ultimately understanding. That’s because passion is like a diamond in the rough. Once unearthed, its beauty is awe-inspiring. Yet  it is only through the trials and tribulations of life that passion is discovered. It is the innate force that drives our hearts to serve, the key to humanity’s inclination to do good and the reason you are reading this post today. Each of you have passion.

We ask ourselves  “Who are we?”  In reality, we are a generation and an organization of vibrant diversity. We are lovers of our world, advocates for climate change and leaders of civil rights and equality, and within each of these world changers, there lies a heart. A heart that beats to see  a generation of growth, renewal and light. Still, there lies a common thread among us all:  our passion for service.

I was born and raised in a small community in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Known for its friendly people, rich history and natural beauty, it is a charming place to call home. In my quaint town, we have something special. We have ubiquitous passion. It was something I desperately  desired to find for myself.

My journey began in the headlights of a weathered Ford as it pulled into a church parking lot. A young family emerged from the car and waited anxiously to receive the contents of a  cardboard box: a turkey and all the traditional Thanksgiving meal accompaniments. As hands reached for the box, gentle smiles were exchanged between myself and the receiver. This  emotional moment repeated itself throughout the evening. In doing so, I had an epiphany:  My  passion was advocating for those experiencing food insecurity.  Throughout my state’s scenic landscapes and among its communities, food insecurity  exists. To raise awareness of hunger on a local level, I founded Boxing It Up to Give Thanks, a  program that provides a complete Thanksgiving meal to families in need. The vision was to eliminate food insecurity for one day, leaving more time for families to do what families do best — make memories!

My wish for you is to relentlessly search for your passion. It might find you in the most ironic and clever of ways. Walk through your Key Club journey with an open mind and a willing  heart. For now, what lies in your future may be unclear. With time and new perspectives, you  will discover your passion was within you all along.