District conventions play a crucial role in the future direction of a district and a Key Clubber’s overall experience. However, the informative workshops, district board elections and a fun-filled weekend with other Key Clubbers come at a price that poses a financial barrier for many clubs and their members. Here are some ways Key Clubbers can find financial support to attend district conventions:  

  • Start planning now. The Key Club International website has a Sponsorship Toolkit document that explains the 3/3/3 concept on addressing fees, along with an organized approach to finding funding for district convention. 
  • Ask your Kiwanis club for support. Using the Sponsorship Toolkit mentioned above, a Key Club can approach its sponsoring Kiwanis club with a plan for attending district convention and request funds to supplement those raised by the Key Club members. Remember, establishing a strong relationship with your Kiwanis club has immense value beyond the logistics of getting to district convention. 
  • Communicate with your school administration (if applicable) about providing transportation (such as school vans) to district convention. A group transportation alternative might reduce cost-related difficulties for members. 
  • Collaborate with a business in your region to fundraise. The following businesses have an established fundraiser system that makes raising money for a cause as simple as submitting a quick application online or to the local store’s manager. 


Boston Market 

California Pizza Kitchen 




Panda Express 



Red Robin 


TGI Friday’s 

Uno Pizzeria

Many of these resources can help remove financial challenges that keep Key Clubbers from participating in district conventions.