For most, the end of the school year is quickly approaching. Your Key Club has just elected new officers with a fresh set of ideas. Why wait till fall to start planning? It’s never too early to start thinking about next year!

Start mapping out your recruitment plan: If students are unaware of Key Club, how will they know to join? How are you going to seek out new members? What events can you attend to make sure students see your club in action? Start brainstorming opportunities for your club to get exposure.

Plan a Meet & Greet: Find out the date of your school’s open house. Plan to set up a booth so that you can talk to potential new members or interested parents.

Test drive Key Club: At the beginning of the year, host an introductory service project. Choose one that is hands-on and allows interaction among participants. Use flyers, posters and social media to invite current and potential members. This will allow your members to get to know interested students on a more personal level. Ask guests for their names and contact information and reach out to them before your first official meeting!

Be social: Being seen is incredibly important. Social media is key. Your club must have a voice in order to be heard. Take advantage of your club’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts to let students know about upcoming meetings and projects. Encourage your members to retweet posts so their followers will want to join the fun. Submit announcements to the head of your school’s social media accounts. The more publicity the better.