September was Suicide Prevention Month in the United States, and September 10 was World Suicide Prevention Day. Last month Key Club International began the GIVE Voice campaign with Erika’s Lighthouse 

Here’s what Ilana Sherman, director of education with Erika’s Lighthouse had to say about our first collaboration: “The GIVE Voice campaign was a great success, and we’re so happy Key Clubs were a part of it. Key Club members were challenged to advocate for depression education, raise awareness and self-reflect. Thanks for helping us break down the stigma related to mental health issues.”  

Since our partnership started earlier this year — a time when we saw mental health issues surface among students — 45 Key Clubs have made free accounts for access to Erika’s Lighthouse resources.  

Erika’s Lighthouse provides educators, students and parents with tools to talk about mental health and encourages students to reach out if they are struggling. They offer a range of resources from presentations, conversation starters and simple worksheets for you to share with your club. For more ways to incorporate depression awareness/suicide prevention education at your school, follow Erika’s Lighthouse blog at