Make a tangible impact within Key Club by proposing amendments to our bylaws. 

Collectively, Key Club International’s bylaws and board policies are a reason our organization has thrived for almost a century. Our bylaws communicate Key Club’s intentions and plans, and they formally address how Key Club functions — from formally proclaiming Key Club’s motto (“Caring: Our Way of Life”) to providing justification for dues and explaining the structure and responsibilities of the Key Club International Board. Key Club’s bylaws also standardize definitions and requirements for club operations, district conventions, officer duties, elections procedures, committees’ formation and more.  

Over the years, Key Club’s bylaws and policies have changed.  There have been small changes, such as rearranging word order, to larger, more trailblazing changes, such as allowing women to join. Every year at the international convention, Key Club members gather during the House of Delegates to consider changes to Key Club’s bylaws and policies.  

These changes are called “amendments.” Any member in good standing can propose an amendment or participate in a debate regarding an amendment.  This page provides guidance and outlines the procedures for adopting an amendment. 

How to propose an amendment 

  • ARTICLE XXVI. AMENDMENTS TO BYLAWS (1/15) Section 1 …Proposed amendments to the bylaws may be submitted by Key Clubs, Key Club districts, the Key Club International Board or the Key Club International director and shall be received by the Key Club International director at least 45 days prior to the call to order of the annual House of Delegates. The director shall then provide notice of any proposed amendments to all clubs via mail or electronic media not later than 20 days prior to the call to order of the annual House of Delegates. (1/15) Effective 5/15 
  • Amendment proposals that are received by May 29 will be included in the House of Delegates Delegate Information Packet. This packet is released to all Key Club members 20 days prior to the convention, allowing members time to deliberate over amendment proposals. To submit an amendment proposal, use the proposal form found here

The amendment approval process 

  • During the House of Delegates at the Key Club International convention, members debate and vote on proposed amendments. Below are Key Club bylaws relevant to the amendment proposal and approval process: 
  • ARTICLE XXVI. AMENDMENTS TO BYLAWS (1/15) Section 1. The Key Club International Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the voting delegates and voting delegates-at-large present and voting at any convention of Key Club International. No such action shall become effective until approved by the Kiwanis Youth Programs Board of Directors … 
  • ARTICLE XVI. CONVENTION PROCEDURE (1/15) Section 2 … No voting delegate or voting delegate-at-large shall speak on an amendment longer than five minutes at one time, except as provided in the order of the day or by majority vote. 
  • After deliberation, Key Club delegates vote on the proposed amendments. Refer to the Standing Rules for the House of Delegates at the Key Club International convention for the official voting procedure. Click to view the rules 

Amendment examples 

Need some more guidance as to what amendment proposals look like? Check out the delegate information packets below: