By Key Club International Trustee Natasha Shrestha 

Key Club International is all about service leadership — allowing students to get the best of both worlds. With the goal of promoting leadership through the service of others, Key Club has so many ways for members to take their service journey to the next level.   

1. Leadership positions 

With an emphasis on being student-led, Key Club leadership positions will challenge you to up your leadership capabilities, no matter your experience. Often known as an “inverted pyramid,” where each level exists to serve the members, positions exist at each level: club, district and international. A great way to get involved is to take the leap of faith and apply or run for these positions. On the website, you can find more information pertaining to each district.  Find the state where you reside and click the link.  I encourage you to seek out opportunities, including the international committee member representative application, lieutenant governor, club secretary, committee or service event chair and more. Get more involved and meet amazing student leaders!   

2. Global Leadership Certificate  

Key Club doesn’t stop at providing you with positions to lead. With the Global Leadership Certificate, you have a training resource to maximize your abilities as a student leader. Through a detailed program on topics including inclusion, empathy, self-awareness, critical thinking, communication and more, you can test our free, self-paced course online. Click here for more information.  

3. Keeping up with international and district updates and events 

Each district and the international organization host events and updates that are pivotal to expanding your servant leadership. for example, on December 4, Key Club International hosted our second annual Global Engagement Rally, a virtual event featuring informative workshops and inspirational speakers centered around service how it spans the globe. Find out more at including recordings of workshops such as Running for Higher Office, International Governors Panel and International Opportunities and Awards.  

4. Kiwanis family and service projects

Through the Kiwanis family and service-project involvement at any level, leadership goes beyond a title. Every time you attend a service event or reach out to a Kiwanis family member — whether Circle K International for university students, Builders Club for middle schoolers or our wonderful Kiwanis club sponsors — challenge yourself to help another Key Club member or community member. Pave the way for your leadership journey, one step at a time.