The Key Club International Board recently met in Indianapolis for its 2017 fall board meeting. Council members discussed the current progression of their committees and overall strategies for the continuation of their terms.


Youth Opportunities Fund

During the Key Club International Board Meeting, the committee on Youth Opportunities Fund evaluated over 150 Youth Opportunities Fund grant submissions. Committee members are excited to announce that US$69,763 will be awarded for a wide variety of impactful Key Club service projects. If you applied for a grant, please be on the lookout for a notification email during the second week of January. In addition, they have established a new and improved YOF application, a rubric for evaluating submissions and general recommendations to help the overall process in the future. Lastly, the committee decided to hold off on the YOF scholarship program until more data is gathered to ensure an effective launch for our members.

COYA will now focus on evaluating the current KCI award system, revising and creating awards to adequately reflect our organization’s core values.

Membership Experience

The Committee on Membership Experience has been hard at work, educating and inspiring members worldwide and improving the experience of being a member of Key Club International. So far, committee members have created an International Convention experience survey that will be recommended for the 2018-19 International Board and published the first video in our educational video series on Key Club Week. Their goals for the rest of the year consist of publishing quarterly committee update videos, creating a cheat sheet to help members navigate the Key Club Brand Guide, designing a leadership workshop for International Trustees to present at District Conventions, publishing an International Convention promotional video and a “Key Club Crash Course” educational video, and a top-secret surprise that will be released at the beginning of the year. The committee is excited to be serving you, and members hope they can make your membership experience unforgettable!

International Development

The Key Club Committee on International Development is the Key Club International Board’s newest committee.  At the November International Board Meeting, IDE committee members worked together to evaluate the strategy used for contacting clubs in foreign countries. To date, IDE has established successful communication with 12 clubs in eight countries. The committee also decided to work with select Kiwanis districts in Asia with the goal of beginning the Key Club District Chartering process during the 2017-18 Key Club Year.

Committee on Service

The Committee on Service’s main objective is to develop our service initiatives/resources and to enhance the service experience in each member’s home, school and community. At the November board meeting, committee members evaluated the Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF campaign efforts and the progress toward their targeted The Eliminate Project fundraising goal of US$700,000 for the year. Committee members mapped out their plans for the upcoming Thirsty 30 campaign with the Thirst Project and look forward to another incredible year with the organization.

Throughout the coming months, the committee is continuing to increase transparency between Key Club International and its sponsored charities, vision partners and co-sponsors.

Miscellaneous Updates

The international board accepted the resignation of International Trustee Audrey Dilgarde, thanked her for her commitment to serving Key Club over the past two years and extended best wishes in her future endeavors. The board accepted the appointment of Hannah Nivar to the international board.