By Hope Roundcount, Key Club International Trustee

With Key Club spirit at an all-time high during the upcoming Key Club Week 2022, you might want to know how you can receive more of the benefits of Key Club and take advantage of Key Club Week to its full extent. I’ll let you in on a secret: the benefits you receive from Key Club relies on how well you’re able to put yourself out there and have fun. This Key Club Week, put yourself out there to experience the best week ever!

As you take advantage of the events hosted by all levels of international, you’re going to need to know how to show club spirit! Although Key Club spirit can be very unique depending on your district’s culture, there’s a few things anyone can do to “Show Your K”:

  • Bring a positive attitude.
  • Support and cheer on your peers.
  • Take risks, knowing that they often lead to fun!

These three qualities ensure that you’re taking an active role in your community. A positive attitude coupled with the willingness to support your friends and take risks can really change your life and Key Club journey. You can also show Key Club spirit by showing off your Key Club merch, making Key Club tutus, or encouraging your friends to serve with you! In the end, you will be doing a great job of showing Key Club spirit by just having fun and letting everyone know it.

Supporting and cheering on your peers is a major part of day two of Key Club Week, “Kudos to the Key Players!” On this day, reflect on the people who have helped you get to where you are today in your Key Club journey. Tell your friends, advisors, or officers that you appreciate them and how much they’ve supported you. You can also do this in some districts by submitting applications for someone to be recognized, such as through shout out forms or through the various awards that Key Club recognizes annually at the International Convention.

“Dare to Share!” is your day to shout out yourself! What is your club’s success story? What is your favorite Key Club memory? Share all your favorite pictures, projects, and stories from your Key Club career!

On Thursday, you get to become a kindness agent. Try doing service projects in secret, like putting compliments on slips of paper that you leave on a teacher’s desk, a friend’s locker, or a stranger’s bag. “Random Acts of Kindness” is a great way for you to take advantage of the service opportunities around you and have fun by going on a kindness adventure!

Friday is the last day of Key Club Week, but the opportunities that Key Club provides goes beyond one week. Take control of your future in service by joining Circle K and Kiwanis when you’re older—and invite people from other branches of the K-Family to share your enthusiasm for service.

Key Club Week is your week. These days are your time to expand your impact, develop your leadership, and appreciate everything you and your club have accomplished. By taking advantage of everything Key Club can provide for you during this time and having fun, you’re showing up for yourself and your future, building up a future that you’ll be proud of and memories that you will cherish forever.