From October 31-November 4, Key Club Week gives club members the opportunity to share their love for Key Club by doing what they do best: giving their time, talent and voice to causes important to them.  

 One of the happiest and most popular days is Thursday, Random Acts of Kindness Day. On this day, Key Clubs around the world come together to share consideration and caring with their communities. 

 As Key Club members know, sharing happiness isn’t random; it takes planning and forethought. That’s what makes it so special. So this year, start planning now how you will spread smiles around your world and share your favorite Random Acts of Kindness photo with #KeyClubWeek. 

 Starting from scratch? Try one or more of these ideas: 

  1. Pass out art supplies and decorate cards with inspirational messages to place around the school. Sign the cards as anonymous Key Club members. 
  2. Ask each member to think of a friendly greeting to tell the first person they see at school on Thursday morning. 
  3. Write a friendly joke on a sticky note and place it near the drinking fountain or bottle-filling station.  
  4. Hold a contest to see who can send the most encouraging text messages to friends.  
  5. Collect change from club members and drop the coins off near washing machines at a laundromat to surprise someone. 
  6. Purchase doughnuts from a local bakery and hand them out randomly. 

Before next week, check out these Key Club Week graphics to use in print, on your club’s or district’s website and social media. Show your member Key Club pride by using #KeyClubWeek for a chance to be featured.