Key Clubs can make a big difference for younger students by cosponsoring a Builders Club (in partnership with a Kiwanis club) in your community. A Service Leadership Program for middle school students, Builders Club presents a great opportunity.  

We asked Lonnie Johnson, the Builders Club Pacific Northwest District administrator, about a recent collaboration among Key Club members to start a Builders Club. 

What did the Key Club students do to help charter (start) the new Builders Clubs?
“I believe the most crucial step is for Key Club members to approach their sponsoring Kiwanis club and express their interest in forming a Builders Club. Together, they meet with the principal to discuss their plan and inquire, ‘Do you have any ideas on who might be a suitable faculty advisor?’ This energizes the students. I also serve as a Key Club advisor. A few years ago, I attended a Key Club convention where I set up a display table as requested. Key Club members would visit, and I would ask them about their knowledge of Builders Club. I mentioned the possibility of cosponsorship, and since then, I have collaborated with the Key Club district administrator to conduct sessions at the Key Club convention on how they can support this initiative. It was a simple question, but it has had a lasting impact.”

What kind of activities do the Key Clubs engage in with the Builders Clubs? 
“Key Club members help with ongoing school projects and collaborate on service events such as street cleanups. They extend invitations to Builders Club members to take part in special events at the high school and offer opportunities to visit their classrooms. This interaction serves as a valuable opportunity for building strong connections.”

How to start a Builders Club
Clubs are chartered in partnership with a Kiwanis club and a school or community-based organization serving elementary school students. Learn more about how to start a club. And click here to learn about sponsoring or cosponsoring a Builders Club. 

Key Clubs that have been involved in cosponsoring Builders Clubs in the Pacific Northwest District include: 

  • Vancouver iTech Preparatory Key Club in Vancouver, Washington, U.S., which cosponsors the Vancouver iTech Builders Club. 
  • Henry M. Jackson High School Key Club in Mill Creek, Washington, U.S., which cosponsors Heatherwood Middle School Builders Club and Gateway Middle School Builders Club.