High school is a time for students to continue their education, get involved with things they enjoy and start preparing for life after high school. Getting involved in leadership opportunities is one of the best ways to do all of those things at once. Leadership opportunities help you meet new people, gain important skills and grow as a person. They are also very important when thinking about applying for college. Here are some of the best leadership opportunities for high schoolers:

  • Start or Join a Service Club in Your Community. Service clubs like Key Club are a great way to volunteer and perform community service in your area, which allows you to help others and also learn valuable skills along the way. Sometimes, service clubs also offer leadership conferences to help you enhance your leadership skills even more.
  • Joining Key Club to gain leadership experience is beneficial for both you and your community. Key Club members look at the needs in their community and decide on ways to help meet those needs. By becoming a Key Club member, you can build leadership skills through service and act as a positive role model in your school. Reach out to your local Key Club today to get involved!
  • Join an Academic or Athletic Team at School. Consider joining an academic team, like the debate or the math team, or an athletic team at your school. These teams let you get involved with something you enjoy, whether it is a sport or academic subject, and bond with fellow students who share the same interest. These teams also help you work on leadership skills like planning, teamwork and problem-solving.
  • Student Government/Political Organizations. Other leadership opportunities include running for a student government position or getting involved with a political organization at your school, like Model U.N. These experiences will help illustrate everything that goes into leading and help you improve skills like public speaking, decision-making and working with others to solve issues.
  • Tutoring. Tutoring a fellow classmate is also a great opportunity to enhance your leadership skills. Tutoring will help you foster communication skills as well as work together with someone toward a common goal.
  • School Newspaper or Yearbook. Some other leadership opportunities include getting involved with your school newspaper or yearbook. This will help you collaborate with others, work on a deadline and juggle multiple responsibilities.