Now that school is in session, it’s time to plan for the coming Key Club year. And that plan should include recruiting new members to keep your club strong and sustainable. After you craft posters and print flyers, try some of these strategies for ramping up your club roster.

Meet with school media. Pitch coverage of your club to staff at your school’s paper and television/radio stations. Rather than saying “Please cover our club,” offer specific story ideas. You’ll have better luck if you suggest an article about your first service project of the year or an on-air interview with your club president about developing leadership skills.

Heighten awareness. Designate a day for all members to get decked out in Key Club promotional gear and serve as walking ambassadors for your club. Consider crafting pin-on badges that say “Ask me about Key Club.”

Create an elevator speech. Once someone does ask about the club, be ready to sell its benefits. Think about the reasons you love Key Club and summarize them in a 30-second soundbite — long enough to get someone intrigued without overwhelming them with information.

Invite a friend — or a friend of a friend. It’s harder to ignore a warm, personal invitation than to breeze by a printed poster. Ask each member of your club to invite a friend or acquaintance to the same club meeting or service project. Not only will you have a room full of potential new members, but increased attendance automatically builds energy and enthusiasm.

Recruit a guest with crowd appeal. Invite a well-known, well-liked member of your school or community to talk about the value of service and leadership or to lend a hand at your kick-off service project. (Bonus: This will help draw the aforementioned media attention.)

Don’t just tell. Show. You know to use social media to promote your club and attract new members. It’s even more effective when you can post photos of your members in action. Avoid posed group shots. Choose images of your members hard at work during a service project or interacting with the people they’re helping. Don’t forget to include photos showing how much fun everyone is having.