The Key Club dream: Making an impact and inspiring others 

I joined Key Club knowing it was a community service club, but I had no idea what that actually entailed. It turns out I would get to be the person making little kids grin with excitement and giving families food during the holiday season. I would get to be the 15- year-old doing THAT, all because of Key Club. 

Kaitlin Cirillo, Key Club International Vice President

We as Key Clubbers make a difference. Sometimes that difference is immediate; sometimes that difference affects the future. 

As Key Clubbers, we are the people that make differences in the lives of the underserved. It may be something as small as candy on a holiday or as big as a meal for residents of a shelter.  

We get to do that because we are KEY CLUBBERS. We get to be the people little kids are excited to see walk in the room. We get to be the people who make a difference. We get to be the people who the elementary school kids want to be one day. We are the people who get to inspire those young minds. WE are Key Clubbers.