Full name 

Emma Lynne Brainard 

Home district 


Year in school 


Name of school 

Northfield Jr. Sr. High school 

Three to fivesentence bio 

I’m an extremely involved, outgoing optimist who loves to meet new people and is always up for a new experience. I find that going on spontaneous adventures, meeting new/different people and beautifying life make me happier than anything else … except maybe Key Club! Outside of Key Club, I’m student council president, a varsity cheerleader, a member of the National Honor Society and an ice cream advocate. 

What are you most looking forward to this year as trustee? 

As trustee, I’m most looking forward to the opportunity to meet incredible new people. I’ve only held my position for a few months, but I’ve already met some of the most incredible servant leaders, and I feel that’s the best part of this position. I love to make connections that’ll last a lifetime, and I feel being trustee is the best way to find those connections. 

Favorite Key Club memory 

My favorite Key Club memory was retiring as governor at district leadership convention 2020, which Indiana was able to have in person. The whole morning, I was so upset and sad about the fact I was retiring. But I also realized that I was so upset because I loved my position — and the experiences I had in it — so much. I felt so blessed and lucky to have something that made saying goodbye so hard. 

Favorite service project 

Animal shelter anything! Making animal toys, walking dogs, cleaning cat cages — literally anything animal related.