Full name 

Glory Kalu 

Home district 

New Jersey 

Year in school 


Name of school 

Bloomfield High School 

Three to fivesentence bio 

I have been a dedicated member of the Kiwanis family since I joined K-Kids in my sixth grade of elementary school. Last year, I had the great privilege of serving as a lieutenant governor for the New Jersey District Board (shoutout to Division 18), and I now have the same great opportunity to serve as an international trustee for the Southwest, Pacific Northwest and New York districts. Outside of Key Club, I participate in mock trial, volleyball (middle blocker) and student body. In addition, my interests include baking, drawing, watching reality TV and competition shows and watching Broadway shows and movies. 

What are you most looking forward to this year as trustee? 

I am especially looking forward to connecting with and meeting people of various backgrounds and cultures throughout my term as trustee. 

Favorite Key Club memory 

My favorite Key Club memory stems from the day I was accepting my appointment as lieutenant governor at district convention. My home club had decided to create signs and posters for me and cheered me on as I went up to the main stage to accept the position. This moment set the mood for my term as lieutenant governor and constantly reminded me that I had a second family that would always have my back. Additionally, this moment led me to setting a goal to make my home club and division proud, as I knew I had people that would be looking to me for guidance and aid for the next year. 

Favorite service project 

My favorite service project is a tie between two specific events done by my home club. However, if I were to stick to only one, it would be the glow-in-the-dark volleyball tournament that my club runs every year. It’s such a fun event all around, and whether you’re good at volleyball or not, you get to enjoy yourself playing for fun on a team with your friends. All the money we raise for the event goes to the Tomorrow Fund, and we are usually able to get a good turnout every year.