Congratulations — you are officially an officer for your school’s Key Club. Now what? 

  • Make sure your club is still active and its dues are paid. Wait. Your club meets regularly, so it’s automatically active, right? Not necessarily. For your club to be considered active, dues must be submitted through the Membership Update Center. If unpaid, your club will become suspended, then inactive. And if your club is suspended or inactive, your position does not exist. This also makes you ineligible for Key Club scholarships. 

  • Review your officer guide. It has everything you need to do your job.

  • Channel your board members’ eagerness and fresh mindsets into something beneficial. Sometimes a fresh start makes all the difference in a club. With a new group, use this as an opportunity to change what did not work previously. The sooner you start, the better. Remember, be positive!

  • Put together a plan of action.What do you want to accomplish by the term’s end? What is the time frame for achieving your goals, and what do you need to be successful? 

  • Talk to previous officers. Reach out to people who held your position. Find out what worked and what struggles they had. Their experiences can help you pave the way for a successful term. 

  • Talk to each current officer. Learn what each position entails and how you might interact in the future. 

  • Reach out to your advisors. Communicate with them regularly so everyone is on the same page. They are there for guidance and are excellent resources.