The Key of Honor is the highest recognition award presented by the Key Club International board, honoring either a person who has made a lifelong positive impact upon youth in general and Key Club specifically, or an organization that has shown long-term support of youth and Key Club programs.

All nominations must be in a portfolio or digitally shared folder. This is for ease of handling only and has no bearing on how the nomination will be judged.

All nominations must contain the following:

  1. Letter of nomination: This letter should be written by the nominating Key Club member or a committee of individuals within the nominating Key Club and should provide a nomination statement, a basic candidate overview and the reason for the nomination.
  2.  Biographical information: This should include schools/colleges attended, community involvements, occupation/business interests, Kiwanis family and other youth service affiliations and other pertinent biographical information.
  3.  Letters of recommendation: A maximum of 20 letters may be submitted; however, only the first seven will be considered in the award judging. The letters may be divided into any categories desired. All letters should be signed by their composers and should be accompanied by a contact phone number and email address for reference.
  4.  Letter of summation: This letter should be written by the individual or committee who made the nomination. It should summarize the letters of recommendation and the applicant’s personal history. It should also include reasons why the nominee is deserving of this highest honor.
  5. Additional information: Up to eight pages of additional information including photographs, newspaper clippings, etc. may also be included in the nomination package.

The complete Key of Honor criteria can be found in the Key Club Guidebook.

Nominations must be received at the International Office on or before January 5, 2024.

Submit digital portfolio here.

Mail: Key Club International, 3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268.