Download: Candidate Packet | Delegate Packet

The election process can be daunting if you’ve never experienced it before. Here’s what to expect: 

  • Meet and Greet: Candidates chat with members and share their campaign goals.  
  • Caucusing: Candidates answer questions and speak to every Key Club district on Thursday afternoon, July 6. Key Club members share their votes with their district’s delegates.  
  • Nominating Conference: Key Club district governors and international board members narrow down the slate of candidates on Friday morning, July 7.  
  • House of Delegates: Candidates speak and answer questions. Delegates use Robert’s Rules of Order and the standing rules to discuss the proposed amendments and vote for their club’s preferred candidates.  

Check out the following proposed amendments for the 2023 House of Delegates. Your voice matters. Download here.

These are the candidates for election to the 2023-24 Key Club International Board. Read more about the candidates here.

Candidates for president 

 Ahmed Eldeeb, Florida District 

 Blake Corbisier, Nebraska-Iowa District 

 Kyle Hanson, Pacific Northwest District 

 Uyen Bui, Rocky Mountain District  

Candidates for vice president 

 Maria Eileen Wheeler, Eastern Canada District 

Taylor Petrofski, Georgia District 

Candidates for trustee 

 Ethan Schmidt, Alabama District 

 Paul Mercer, Alabama District 

 Alyssa Kline, California-Nevada-Hawaii District 

 Tyler Truong, California-Nevada-Hawaii District 

 Lynn Luong, California-Nevada-Hawaii KIWIN’s District 

 Riya Bajpai, Capital District 

 Emily Dudash, Carolinas District 

 Lina Umar, Eastern Canada District 

 Alex Trinh, Florida District 

 Allan An, Florida District 

 Becca Brown, Illinois-Eastern Iowa District 

 Maya Tolentino, Illinois-Eastern Iowa District 

 Nicole Bunag, Indiana District 

 Shivam Chauhan, Indiana District 

 Ghabrielle Rhoden, Jamaica District 

 Ramonique Morris, Jamaica District 

 Jalsley Sarpong, Kentucky-Tennessee District 

 Ian Opel, Michigan District 

 Soyome Getachew, Minnesota-Dakotas District 

 Willa Vogen, Minnesota-Dakotas District 

 Abigail Choi, New York District 

 Cindy Zou, New York District 

 Chloe Panh, Pacific Northwest District 

 Rabbani Batra, Pacific Northwest District 

 Zohaib Rahman, Pennsylvania District 

 Jaymi Gile, Rocky Mountain District 

 David Robaina, Southwest District 

 Minori Kikuchi, Texas-Oklahoma District 

 Trinh Luong, Texas-Oklahoma District