By Key Club International Trustee Emily Dudash 

As convention season rolls in, it’s time to start thinking about your trip to the 2024 Key Club International Convention. As you may know, this year’s event will take place July 10-14 in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. And we’re inviting you to join us! 

The easiest way to attend is through your district tour. Reach out to your district leaders or go to to learn more about your district’s tour. If your club is not in a district, you can attend with an approved Key Club chaperone.  

We understand that the trip can be expensive. Don’t worry: Various funding options are available. For example, seek financial support from your sponsoring Kiwanis club. Reach out to ask whether they can assist you with the costs. Additionally, your own club or district might offer support, especially if you hold a leadership position within the club. 

I also encourage you to check out the sponsorship toolkit. You’ll find creative fundraising ideas there, and you’ll learn how to create a diversified funding plan and engage your local community.  

You can also consider past successful fundraising strategies your club has employed. What worked for your club may also work well for you! 

Key Club members in good standing may also apply for the Key Club International Convention Scholarship, which can provide US$750 to help fund your travel. Even if you’re uncertain about attending, it’s worthwhile to apply. If you’re awarded a scholarship but your plans change, just inform us so that the funds can be allocated to another deserving applicant. 

Applications for convention scholarships will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. ET/8:59 p.m. PT on February 1. Recipients will be announced on March 1 — in time for you to coordinate with your district. 

I hope to see you in Atlanta!