By: K’lena Schnack , International President 

Hello Key Clubbers! 

I was so delighted to start the new year with International Vice President Kaitlin Cirillo in Pasadena, California, for the Rose Parade. In Pasadena, we attended Kiwanis International President Daniel Vigneron’s luncheon, volunteered with thousands of other Kiwanis family members and (my favorite part) rode on the Kiwanis float! The five hours we were on the float were filled with pure excitement. Circle K International President Billy Hackett and I had fun together by playing rock-paper-scissor with the crowd, waving, and dancing to “Fly Away” by Lenny Kravitz. 

As I travel for Key Club, I always try to find at least one impactful person on each trip; on this trip, Daniel’s wife, Faby, left a lasting impression on me. Daniel and Faby hail from Luxembourg, where they speak French. While the pair collectively speak around eight languages, Faby does not speak much English. Despite this obstacle, that did not stop her from connecting with me, other Kiwanians and the parade crowd. Because of this, I found her inspiring. I aspire to create similar connections with those around me, even if there’s a language barrier. From Faby, we can learn that we, as student leaders, should not let obstacles hinder us from connecting with our communities.  

I’m so excited to take this knowledge to the international board’s next meeting in San Francisco, California. There, we will continue to plan for international convention, prep for district convention season and further discuss the strategic plan. Feel free to check out what we will be up to on @KeyClubInt’s Instagram Stories. Enjoy the rest of your January!  

Yours in service,  

K’lena Schnack  

International President