Whether you’re having classes online or in person, you can grow as a club and a leader. The results will show how much you care about your members. 

Start with your current members. Offer incentives for early sign-ups. Start mapping out your recruitment plan and set goals for membership. How can your club leaders seek out new members? What events can you host online to make sure all students see your club in action? Start brainstorming opportunities for your club to get exposure online. 

Don’t just tell. Show. Social media is even more effective when you post photos of members in action. Choose images of them hard at work during a service project or interacting with the people they’re helping. Encourage them to smile — and to retweet posts so their followers will want to join the fun. 

Meet with school media. Pitch coverage of your club to your school’s media specialists. Suggest a story about your first service project of the year or a quick video interviewing your club’s new board members. 

Test drive Key Club: Host an online callout meeting or introductory online service project. Choose a format that allows safeinteraction. Invite current and potential members with our downloadable invitation, which helps members get to know interested students on a more personal level.

Try these tips for attracting fresh faces to your meetingswhether you’re at home or in person. Here are the resources available to you:  

  • Personal invitations (recruitment)  Attract new Key Club members by inviting students to join you in service and leadership. Use these flyers and cards to let people know how to join your club. 
  • Officer Toolkit  This toolkit contains tips for growing your club, engaging your members at meetings and staying connected online with your district. At your next board meeting, keep this toolkit handy for to help your board members make the best of this year. 
  • Club officer training — Plan ahead and train your club officers to be the best. These PowerPoint presentations for lieutenant governors and club advisors provide examples of how to hold a Key Club officer training and a recruitment planning meeting. 
  • Recruitment posters  Before the new school year beginsshare these posters on your club’s website and through social media to build excitement for joining Key Club. 
  • Tri-fold brochure  This brochure explains the benefits of Key Club membership to potential members and their parents or guardians. 
  • Key Club Member Guidebook  This resource includes details about awards and recognition available through Key Club International. 
  • Key Club Advisor Guide  Use the monthly checklists and student officer job descriptions to manage the new school year. Stay up to date with Key Club International’s opportunities including the Youth Opportunities Fund grant for club service projects. 
  • Youth Opportunities Fund  Start planning your next big service project and apply for a Youth Opportunities Fund grant ranging from US$100 to $2,000. Clubs and members can apply for this endowment from the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. There are two grant cycles in 2021-22, ending October 15 and March 1, respectively.
  • Virtual Key Leader — Virtual Key Leader is a self-guided program intended for high school students, but it’s appropriate for anyone age 13 and up. It incorporates lessons and videos that are not part of the in-person Key Leader programs, so even students who have participated in Key Leader will find something new to learn and enjoy. It is available free of charge.