Greetings, Key Club members.

I am Kyle Hanson from the Pacific Northwest District, and I have been honored to serve as your 2023-24 Key Club International president. It feels surreal to say that my term is already coming to an end. Just 10 short months ago, I wrote a welcome letter to each of you — dreaming up a plan and trying to envision the future of Key Club International. 

After having served as a club president and district governor, I thought I knew a lot about Key Club, leadership and community service. But this year pushed me to grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined. 

Through surveys, town halls and listening sessions, I’ve had the distinct opportunity of working with and learning from all of you. I have been beyond impressed by your dedication and wisdom. I thank you all for your impact and dedication this year — and for accomplishments ranging from record-level club chartering and a 13% membership increase to over US$150,000 donated to UNICEF’s Start Strong: Zambia project, we have you to thank for your impact and dedication this year.

As we close this service year, I would like to follow up on some promises I made at the beginning of my term. They all come back to enabling our members, our core, to thrive. Through club voice, outreach, resources and education, I’m confident we’ve elevated club experience on the international level: 

  • With initiatives from a student-led Key Club International Board Instagram account (@keyclub.iboard) to member representatives on our task forces, we increased the connection between the club and international levels.  
  • By adding new spotlights through Instagram and promoting existing Key Club International convention awards, we highlighted the stars who make Key Club shine.  
  • Through the launch of a Membership Growth & Development Committee — and by connecting struggling divisions with international trustees through a mentorship program — we improved both the quality of our membership and the quality of our service. 

Again, all of this comes back to you. We aimed to uplift and support each of you this year, and you ran with the opportunities. On behalf of the Key Club International Board, thank you for your engagement and commitment. We could not have accomplished our goals without you. 

In the time that remains in my term, I am happy to take questions, feedback and ideas. Reach out to me with the link below. I look forward to the rest of the service year and hope to see you at the 2024 Key Club International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.! 

I want you to never forget one thing: You can accomplish much more than you can imagine. Dream big and aim for the stars! You never know where you will land. 

Kyle Hanson 

2023-24 Key Club International President 

Contact me.