By Jena Kim, member of the New York District board and the Membership Retention Task Force. 

Your lieutenant governor and district board may have started promoting running for higher office. If you don’t know where to start, that’s OK! Whether they’re at the divisional, district or even international level, a variety of positions might suit you. If you’re looking to start, here are three pointers: 

  • Know the responsibility. Taking a leadership position in Key Club is no easy feat. You have to be ready to put in the extra hours to serve your school and community. This can even start before you get your desired position. Make an effort to stand out. 
  • Be passionate. Stay true to yourself! Passion is the No. 1 thing an executive board member looks for. Experience is a plus but not necessary. But by being passionate, you can gain so much.
  • Confidence is key. Take every opportunity to perfect your pitch. Get ready for all questions, whether that means reaching out to your lieutenant governor or asking your president for tips. The best thing is to have a goal in mind.  

In the end, don’t let nervousness or fear be the reason you don’t run for higher office. Key Club is truly international, and one step could lead to another. You might even find your dream position and meet some lifelong friends.