Do you know any students taking the June SAT? If so, we’re excited to share this opportunity for free, high-quality SAT tutoring through our partners at Schoolhouse.  

As a virtual tutoring platform, Schoolhouse runs four-week Bootcamps to help students build skills and confidence to tackle the SAT. Enrollment is currently open for the June-prep SAT Bootcamp, which will take place May 3-30, 2024. 

 This program has already helped over 40,000 students prepare for the SAT. On average, participants have enjoyed a 50-plus point increase compared to students who didn’t participate. Tutors are volunteer peers who are familiar with the SAT and have verified scores in the 95th percentiles on the subject(s) they teach.  

Remember, this tutoring program is free and can support any student taking a future SAT! Sign up here.