By KCI Trustee Ellie Nusbaum

Determining the best way to serve your community can be difficult. There are many ways to organize small service projects that have great impacts yet finding a place to start can be overwhelming. Key Club is here to help! To get started, aim for a one-day project that your club can easily plan for great results.

Connect with other organizations 

To expand your project outreach, work with another organization, whether another club at your school or a larger group in the community. Together, you could:

  1. Host a blood drive with a local blood bank.
  2. Hold a book drive for your library or a Little Free Library.
  3. Collect food for a food pantry.

Get Creative 

Making items to donate is not only fun for members but makes the act of service even more heartfelt and meaningful. Try:

  1. Making fleece blankets.
  2. Creating dog toys out of T-shirts.
  3. Putting together care packages for nursing home residents. You could include cards, lotion, word puzzles, coloring books/pencils, etc.

Each community is different, which means every project will be different. Adapt your service projects to meet the specific needs of your community. All projects, no matter the size, show your compassion for others. And don’t forget to exchange service ideas and experiences with other Key Clubs. That way, we can make each project in the future even more successful.