Community service is all about lending a hand to benefit your neighbors. And there’s a whole toolbox of ways to make a difference! Whether you’re gathering resources, sharing knowledge, fixing what’s broken or trying something unique, you’re bound to discover an opportunity that inspires you to get involved. 

Feeling unsure about where to dive in? (Hint: right here!) We’ve crafted a list of seven things you can do to help your community. Let’s get started! 

  1. Collect and donate items. Explore your community and find places that accept donations, from food pantries to shelters, schools and more. You can gather and donate items like backpacks, non-perishable food, hygiene products (including menstrual products!), clothing, books, stuffed animals and more!  
  2. Offer services. Whether it’s a small task or a more significant commitment, every action contributes to your community. Think about extending a helping hand to neighbors who could use some support due to illness, age or busy schedules. You could mow or rake leaves for an elderly neighbor, offer dog-walking services, pick up litter or share valuable mental health resources with your community.
  3. Share your knowledge. We all bring something special to the table, so why not spread the wealth? Offer to help kids with homework, teach safe social media practices to younger students, give free music lessons, provide IT assistance to local adults, practice English with language learners or assist with voter registration. 
  4. Fix stuff. When you spot a problem in your community, seize the opportunity to make a difference! Taking care of the places we cherish is one of the most meaningful services we can offer. Think about starting a Little Free Library, placing campfire safety plaques near campsites, tidying up your local park, planting beauty with seed bombs or revitalizing a rundown playground. 
  5. Host events. Get ready to show off your event-planning prowess and bring your community together! Let’s be honest — community service is so much more fulfilling when you’re surrounded by friends. Consider hosting a bake sale, a clothing swap, a book drive competition, a dog wash event, a river clean-up day or even a gardening party. 
  6. Make things. Handmade gifts have a special way of warming hearts, and there are many people and places that would cherish your thoughtful creations. Knit scarves, assemble first aid kits or make birthday cards for families in shelters. Bake treats for food pantries, write letters to seniors in elder care facilities, sew blankets for hospitalized kids or paint a community mural. 
  7. Volunteer. The great thing about volunteering is its versatility — you can do it anywhere, including online! Imagine yourself helping at your local library, spending time with animals at a shelter, joining community center activities, pitching in to organize exciting community events or supporting a food pantry.  

Each opportunity is a chance to give back and truly make a difference in your community. So, what’s stopping you? Get involved and start making an impact in your community today!