You’re a Key Clubber, and you’ve finally finished high school or are fast approaching graduation. Let that sink in. For the last four years, you’ve put yourself on a track for success and have thought big picture: where you want to go and what you want to do, both in university and beyond.  

You’ve grown as an individual and as a leader by answering the call to lead and serve in your school and community. Along the way, you’ve made great strides and impacted others in ways you can’t imagine. Your compassion for others is contagious. Your action has inspired those around you. You’re a true Key Clubber. 

But does it have to end with high school? Of course not! Your journey of building character through service and leadership doesn’t have to end just because you aren’t in Key Club anymore.  

Here are practical ways to keep up and continue to serve: 

Aiming for higher education? Join Circle K International. 

By now you might know that the Kiwanis family is everywhere! Circle K International is the largest student-led collegiate service organization. You gain resumeworthy skills, find lifetime friends and do community service that changes lives, including your own. Every club is different but serves their members and uplifts their community by serving others. Find out more or find a club near you here.  

Keep Key Club with you.  

  • As an alumnus, stay current with Key Club’s latest news by updating your contact information 
  • Share your story to inspire members to make the most of their experience.  
  • Gear up with Key Club apparel from the Kiwanis family store. 
  • Go the extra mile: Email us if you’re interested in potential speaking engagements or hosting a gathering for other alumni in your area.  
  • Give back to help us grow and make an impact across the country.  
  • Sign our first-ever virtual yearbook.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to us to assist with your transition. Good luck!